Garden Seed Circle Game: Plant, Grow, Harvest, Repeat!

One of my favorite flowers, grown in my garden since childhood, is the zinnia. All types and sizes of this colorful flower make a wonderful display, but nothing commands more attention than the tall, dahlia-flowered varieties I like to grow. As the September garden winds down, I select several perfect zinnia heads to mature and set seed.

And so this circle goes on: Since my very first gardens decades ago, I’ve filled my beds with vibrant zinnias grown from seed harvested each preceding season.

I collect seed from open pollinated marigolds, cleome, gomphrena, strawflowers, and zinnias. And I love to share! Each spring this seed is carefully cleaned and sorted. I use this supply to start plants in my greenhouse and the rest of the seed is packaged in envelopes for family, friends, and clients.

I include a complimentary seed pack in every spring egg order I send out. Over the years I have received reports from kind folks from far and near that these seeds have been planted and have produced beautiful results. Some have thoughtfully included photos. I treasure this exchange.

Such sharing is the power and magic of seeds!
Happy gardening to all.

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