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Rainy Day Fun: Make Some Violet Jelly

We have been inundated with relentless waves of rain for weeks now. It is keeping farmers from their fields and gardeners from turning and planting their patches. The one thing that remains unaffected by the downpours are the dandelions and dog violets (Viola adunca) EVERYWHERE you look in Bishop Hill. I have my favorite patches […]

Spring is the time for EGGS, EGGS, EGGS

For me, spring is all about eggs – blowing them, carving them, selling them! This year I have returned to a reliable source for the rare and exquisite Tinamou eggs that have been a favorite of mine since I first discovered them several years ago. My eggs come from a breeder in Chile, where these […]

Garden Seed Circle Game: Plant, Grow, Harvest, Repeat!

One of my favorite flowers, grown in my garden since childhood, is the zinnia. All types and sizes of this colorful flower make a wonderful display, but nothing commands more attention than the tall, dahlia-flowered varieties I like to grow. As the September garden winds down, I select several perfect zinnia heads to mature and […]

Spring has come to my Feathered Nest. Aaahhhh

Nothing captures the coming of spring better than a sea of daffodils splashing over the landscape. After the harsh winter here in the US Midwest, I was overjoyed to see that my cheery King Alfred daffodils survived winter’s brutal temps and mischievous squirrels. And then winter came back, blanketing the blooms in snow. But the […]

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